Hey, I’m Lolla.
I enjoy doing UX design
as much as talking about it.

Outperforming AI with listening skills, facilitating design discussions, all the while using my
copywriting expertise to explain my family what my job is and how it makes their lives less miserable.


UX Facilitation

about me

Teaching & Facilitation

We could argue UX Design is about problem solving (among other stuff). Turns out the hardest/softest skill we need on a daily basis is knowing how to articulate properly our thoughts – and help stakeholders do the same. Facilitating passionate debates, understanding the group dynamics, prioritising a user-centric and holistic approach, all while playing the fine art of diplomacy, has been one of my greatest challenges and yet one of my biggest skills in my toolbox.

I developed further as a human and as designer while teaching UX and facilitating workshop, here’s my gains:


“Lolla exceeded any expectation for that role. She supported us,
taught us and organised everything. Job perfectly done”

“Lolla kept the group spirit up and manage to tailor the workshop when last minute changes occurred.”

“Challenging and reliable, great TA. 10 out of 10!”