Hey, I’m Lolla.
I enjoy doing UX design
as much as talking about it.

Outperforming AI with listening skills, facilitating design discussions, all the while using my
copywriting expertise to explain my family what my job is and how it makes their lives less miserable.


ux facilitation

about me

About me


Hodwy! I guess you already caught my name and current profession (and maybe the fact that I’m slightly talkative, but I wanna believe it’s a quality). There are two things I’m intolerant to: gluten and self-introductions. The first one is all about gluten avoidance, the second is kinda inevitable so I’ll try to be brief.

I moved to Berlin at the end of 2015 to study/work in Advertising and it was all very exciting until it wasn’t anymore. You know that wholesome feeling of belonging?
Me neither. A fish out of water.

 Or so it was until I bumped into UX Design and out of the blue I realised that work is way more interesting if we get to create products that people need, more than creatively convince them to need our products. So I parted ways from Creative copywriting (but I kept the pen if you know what I mean) and joined the UX world in that far 2018, and well, it’s been a hell of a ride ever since (in a good way, that is).

Still with me? There’s more down here.